Thursday, August 4, 2011

Taking Action That Matters - We helped the RSPCA!

Prep S and Prep K have collected old blankets, towels, sheets and soft toys to help the RSPCA look after sick, injured and abandoned animals. Thank you to our school and parish community for your generous donations.
We can make a difference!

Read about it here and here


  1. Dear Preps,
    All the animals will be warm and cosy because of your wonderful collection of blankets, cushions, toys and towels. You have done SUCH a great job!

    Mrs Yore

  2. Wow, well done preps! You've all done a terrific job in gathering donations for the RSPCA. The animals will certainly appreciate it. They will have pillows and cushions to sleep on, doona's and blankets to snuggle into and I even saw a tennis ball to play with! Awesome!

  3. Fantastic Action Preps!! The animals will sure love their new comfortable and warm beds!!
    Well done, keep up the great learning
    Mrs Bellesini

  4. Dear Mrs Yore
    Thank you for your comment. We feel happy and proud of ourselves because we did such a great job. (Andy)

  5. Hi Mum
    I like your comment. I felt proud when we delivered the donations.
    From Georgia

  6. Hello Mrs Bellesini
    Thank you for your comment. I felt good about our action because we helped the animals. (Eva)


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