Monday, March 14, 2011

Better Buddies!

Our Preps are very lucky to have the best buddies in the school - our Grade six students.

Our Grade sixes have helped the new Preps to settle into school and feel happy and safe.

THANK YOU to our Grade six students.


  1. Hello Prep K!

    I am teaching Grade 6 this year and taught prep last year! The buddies program is one of the best parts of being in both year levels. Two of my Grade 6 students have taken on organising the week to week activities we do with our buddies! It has been hugely successful so far!

    Check out to see what we get up to with our buddies through the year. As well as our other leaders!

    Good luck with it!

    Mr Limb

  2. Hi Prep K
    That is a great idea. What do you do with your buddies?

  3. We love to see the Preps learning all about life at St Lukes with the help of the beautiful buddies!

    Mrs Yore and the Middles

  4. Hi A4
    We play games with our buddies. (Oscar)
    We always care about them. (Andy)
    We have lunch with our buddies. (Kirra)
    We listen to them. (Caoimhe)
    We made our Library bags with our buddies. (Matthew)

    From Prep K.

  5. I think the buddies are lucky to have the best preps and the preps are lucky to have the best buddies. :)


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