Monday, March 28, 2011

I Wonder .....

I wonder what you can make or do with paper? on PhotoPeach

You can make a paper chain of people. (Aerodyne)

You can make a paper areoplane. (Caoimhe)

You can make a paper chain. (Will H)

I can write words on paper. (Kirra)

You can draw a picture on paper. (Jake)

You fold the paper to make a fan. (Georgia)

I can make a flower with paper. (Sienna)

I can paint on paper. (Eva)

You can cut paper. (Matthew)

We can write our names on a paper aeroplane and then cut them out. (Andy)

I can write letters on paper. (Oscar)

You can make a clock wih paper. (Molly)

You can cut paper to make a shape. (Vivienne)

You can cut drawings out. (Will P)

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  1. I loved your presentation, Preps. I can't wait to show the Middles what you made. Remind me to show them on Friday!

    Mrs Yore


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