Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Our Hairy Harry's have started to grow!

Not all our Harry's are sprouting - I wonder why?


  1. Very Cool. What has happened to the Harry's in the cupboard?

  2. Hi Mrs Kennedy and Prep,

    Your Hairy Harry's are sensational! You must have had a great time making them - seeds, dirt and googly eyes - what fun!
    They look a little bit like baldy Harry's at the moment but I don't think it will be long before they are really hairy!:)
    Will you give them haircuts if they get too hairy? I think the children in my class will want to make one too once they see yours!
    From Ms Dowling and K/1D

  3. Dear Prep Kids,

    Very nice close up photos of the Hairy Harrys. That's quite a play on words you've got there. Two words that sound the same, but are spelled differently with different meanings. I like the name you chose for your cute creatures.

    Do you have any idea why some have not sprouted? Do you think they will come along in a day or two? Or do you think they didn't get something they needed? Were the seeds bad? Good science helps us ask more questions, doesn't it?

    Keep up the great work, scientists!

    Mrs. Krebs

  4. Mrs Coffa
    The Harry in the cupboard with water has grown. (Kirra)
    The Harry in the cupboard without water didn't grow. (Eva)

  5. Dear Ms Dowling and K/1D

    We felt really happy making the Hairy Harrys. (Jake)

    I think we will need to give them a haircut because they are going to grow BIG hair. (Andy)

    The hair grows from grass seeds. (Sienna)

    We hope you grow Hairy Harrys too!

    From Prep K

  6. Dear Mrs Krebs

    All of our Hairy Harrys have grown. (Georgia)

    We think that the water went down and the HArry didn't have enough water to grow as quickly as the others. Now they are all growing.

    Thanks for your comment

    From Prep K

  7. Dear Class,

    Your Hairy Harry's are marvelous! How much soil did you measure out for each Hairy Harry? Are putting them in a cupboard with and without water the only variables on your investigation? For example, did each Harry get the same kind of seed, or different?

    I may have to make some Hairy Harry's with my 5th graders!

    Mrs. Bright
    5th Grade Cibolo Green Elementary
    San Antonio, Texas

  8. Mrs Will & MollyMarch 9, 2011 at 4:36 PM

    Cool Hairy Harrys PrepK!! Great work! They will need a Harry Hair cut soon!

    Mrs Will & Molly

  9. Thank you Will, Molly and Genevieve for your comment.

    We think our Hairy Harrys will need a haircut very soon!

    From Prep K.


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