Thursday, March 10, 2011

Look what happened!

Take a close look at our photos.
What do you notice?
One of these Hairy Harrys has been in the cupboard with water. One has been in the cupboard with no water. One has no soil - but has water and sunlight.


  1. Hi Preps!
    What fantastic experiment. We think the Hairy Harry that had no water in the cupboard must be the one with no hair. Please let us know your results.

  2. hi Preps,
    I love your Hairy Harry's - they are so cute. I'm sure you have learned a lot of things about growing things while making these. They look fantastic.
    Mrs Mac

  3. Hi Prep K, do you think the hairy harry with yellow hair got a fright and that is why it is a different colour? I don't think I would like to have no water... I would be very thirsty. hmmm I would love to know why all of these harries are different.

  4. Hi Preps, Do you think your Hairy Harries are just like all of you?? Lots of food, water, care and resting time to grow!!
    How long will they grow?


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