Wednesday, March 9, 2011

ALL our Hairy Harrys are growing!

Some of our Hairy Harrys have more hair than the others!

We have been drawing what we see (observe) into our Hairy Harry diaries.

Then we label our pictures with words just like real scientists!


  1. Hi Preps,
    Your Hairy Harry's are looking really good. What kind of things have you observed in your diaries? Do you feel like real scientists?
    From Ms. Tieppo

  2. I wonder why some Hairy Harrys grew faster then others? What do you think?

    From Mrs Yore

  3. Hi Ms Tieppo
    We drew our Hairy Harrys and wrote grass, soil, water and seeds. (Georgia)

    We noticed that their hair has grown. (Kirra)

    We feel like real scientists because we are doing experiments and growing Hairy Harrys.
    (Will P)

    Thanks for your questions.

    From Prep K

  4. Hi Preps
    Guess what? I went to a meeting today and guess who I met in person? It was Mrs T from Windows into 2T. She is lovely, and she said that she loves you Hairy Harry's
    It was nice to meet a blogging friend, face to face.

  5. Hi Preps
    Your Hairy Harry's look amazing - soon they will need Hairy Harry Haircuts!! I hope to come and visit them soon!!
    Great work - l love your blog and all the work you are sharing!

  6. Hi Preps,

    The Hairy Harry's are looking great... Soon they will all be very hairy! Do you think they might need hair clips or hair bands? Do you think any will grow a moustache?

  7. Hi Prep K,

    This is Prep W here. We began making our Harry Hairy's today as part of our inquiry called, From this to That.'

    There is a bit of a problem that we hope you can solve for us. The soil in our stockings is sinking down into the cups (we are using plastic cups). Did this happen to you? Do you think it is because we have too much soil or is it because the opening of our cups are too big?

    We hope you can help us.

    Love Prep W and Miss Webster

  8. Hi Prep W!
    We are so happy to hear from you. We also found that our jars that had big openings let the soil fall through so you might need to replace your cups or uae jars with smaller openings.
    Good luck and we look forward to seeing how your Hairy Harry's grow!
    Have fun
    From your friends Prep K and Mrs Kennedy

  9. Dear Prep K and Mrs Kennedy,

    Thank you for replying to our question so soon. We were so excited to get your reply. We also found that if you pound the soil a bit and tie the knot firmly it stops the soil from falling into the cup.

    Love Prep W and Miss Webster


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