Friday, March 18, 2011

We discovered.....

Our Hairy Harry with seeds, soil, water and light. Our Hairy Harry with seeds, soil, water and NO light.
Our Hairy Harry with seeds, soil, NO water and NO light.
Our Hairy Harry with seeds, water, light and NO soil.
Science is AMAZING!

  • I think that the Hairy Harrys grow overnight. Molly

  • I noticed that the Hairy Harry in the meat tray had no soil but it grew and grew and grew. Andy

  • I noticed the Hairy Harrys grew more than yesterday. Kirra

  • I noticed that one had yellow hair - the one in the cupboard. It didn't have any sunlight. Georgia

  • I've noticed that my Hairy Harry has grown more hair and the water is going down. Will H

  • I've noticed that the roots are getting longer because they are sucking the water. Jake

  • My Hairy Harry didn't have much hair. Aerodyne

  • I noticed that my Hairy Harry has grown more hair than yesterday. Matthew

  • The Hairy Harry in the cupboard with no water grew one hair. Sienna

  • I noticed that the Hairy Harry in the cupboard with water has grown yellow hair because it didn't have sunlight. Caoimhe

  • I learnt that the Hairy Harry can grow yellow hair because it didn't have any sun. It's important that the Hairy Harry has sun. Oscar

  • I noticed that the one in the meat tray that has no soil has grown underneath its eyes. Will P

  • The Hairy Harry has yellow hair because it didn't have any sun and then it would grow green hair and not yellow hair. Eva

  • The Hairy Harry was growing yellow hair because it didn't have sunlight. Vivienne


  1. Dear Preps,

    Thank you for letting the teachers from my school come into your classroom to visit you. I think you are all so so clever and I liked listening to you talk about the things you noticed about the changes in your Hairy Harry's. I thought it was really interesting that the one with seeds and soil but no light and no water grew one strange! Maybe there was some moisture in the soil that helped it grow. What do you think? Miss Webster from Prep W.

  2. Dear Class,

    I think your Hairy Harry investigation is fabulous! Just like you, I noticed the yellow grass that grew even though it was in the cupboard. The color green appears to be very important to a plant that gets sunlight. I wonder why the grass that didn't get sunlight was yellow and not green. Does sunlight turn plants green? Is there something in the grass that turns green with sunlight? I'm sure you are asking the very same questions!

    What if you did the experiment again? What results would be expect?

    I love learning about your learning!
    Mrs. Bright
    5th Grade Cibolo Green Elementary
    San Antonio, Texas

    P.S. I'm inspired to do this investigation with my 5th graders and our 2nd grade buddy class.

  3. Clever observations and they look great kids! Well done! They might need a haircut too soon. :)

  4. Hi Prep Ks
    Your thoughtful comments on your findings demonstrates what a valuable learning experience you have had. It is very interesting that the Hairy Harry with no sunlight had yellow hair.

  5. Amy (Andy's mum)March 20, 2011 at 7:29 PM

    What wonderful and different Hairy Harrys you have all grown. Andy, I can only see half of your face because the hair on your Hairy Harry is so long!

  6. Kathryn EliopoulosMarch 21, 2011 at 2:54 PM

    Wow! Look at all the amazing Hairy Harrys. They are all in great need of a hair cut. Great job Prep K.!

  7. Henry(Hedy's Dad)March 21, 2011 at 9:09 PM

    see the differences between green and yellow Hairy Harry!! Good to know how important Sun light is. Well done Kids.

  8. I think we did a great job with the Hairy Harrys. And the one with the yellow hair looks funny.


  9. Great job Prep K. Your Hairy Harrys look fantastic! I've learnt so much by watching your Hairy Harrys grow.

  10. Oscar, I love your Hairy Harry but I can see that it is in a meat tray. How interesting!

  11. You NOTICED so many things!I can't wait until you are Middles!!!

    Mrs Yore

  12. Hello Prep K and Mrs Kennedy
    We think the Hairy Harry without soil will keep growing. It is drinking up all the water. We thought it would grow without the soil and we were right. We wonder if other seeds will grow without soil? What do you think.
    from Sienna and Natasha and Prep S

  13. Hi Natasha and Sienna,
    Andy thinks that other seeds wont grow without soil like vegetables in the vegie patch.
    Kirra thinks other seeds will grow without soil. Water will help them to grow.
    Maybe we need to try to grow some other seeds and see what happens.
    Thank you for your comment.
    Love Prep K

  14. Dear Preps,
    We loved seeing your grass heads so much that we are going to plant our own. Do you have any tips for us to make our grass heads grow really big.
    From Prep CD

  15. Hello Prep CD!
    Thank you for visiting our blog.

    We think it is fantastic that you are going to grow Hairy Harrys too. We had so much fun.

    We had a big brainstorm to think of all the ways to make your Grass Heads grow really well.

    1. lots of water
    2. sunlight ( a warm spot helps too)
    3. some of our Hairy Harrys didn't grow at first so we put them in a small meat tray with lots of water and after a couple of days they started to grow

    We hope this will help you - please let us know how your Hairy Harrys go - will you put them on your blog?

    From Prep K and Mrs Kennedy


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