Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

The Preps drew pictures of their Dads in Tux paint and then we put them into a voicethread. We hope all our Dads have a wonderful Father's Day on Sunday.

I love my Dad because ........


  1. Wow Preps,

    I love your comments about your dad's. I am also very impressed by the Tux Paint drawing skills you have used. Great work Preps !

    Mrs Coffa

  2. Hi Preps
    We hope you don't mind but we added some recordings to your voice thread. We loved your Father's Day pictures! Did you see the ties we made for our dads? We designed them ourselves.

  3. Hi Prep K, I loved looking at your pictures and hearing all about your Dads, they sound fantastic! I love my Dad because he is a really good cook! I hope you all enjoyed fathers day with your Dads.
    Miss Mac

  4. To prep K
    did you do anything special with your
    dad on farthers day?
    from Will.(daisy`s brother)

  5. Hi Prep K

    we love your pictures and the comments you made to your Dads.

    Kirras drawing is very good and her comment is very cheeky.

    We hope your Dads had a great Fathers Day.

    The Stone family.

  6. Hi Will
    We all made breakfast in bed for our Dads and we gave them lots of hugs and kisses.
    We made a keyring for all of our Dads and a special card.
    Thank you for visiting and commenting!
    From Prep K

  7. Dear Stone family,

    Our Dads had a wonderful Father's Day with us. (Oscar)

    We are glad you enjoyed our pictures and comments.

    From Prep K

  8. Thanks Miss Mac,
    Father's Day was very special.
    You are so lucky to have a dad who is a good cook. What is your favourite meal that he cooks for you?

    From Prep K


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