Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Crazy Hair Day! Taking Action that Matters.

Last Thursday we had a 'Crazy Hair' Day to raise money for drought stricken Africa.

Here are the Preps explaining our action led by our Student Social Justice team.

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  1. Hi Prep K

    You look as though you had lots of fun on "Crazy Hair" day! Did some people have to wash their hair a lot to get the colour out of it?

    We have a book in our LRC called "Crazy Hair Day" by Barney Saltberg. Do you have it too? It's very funny!

    I love the way you have used AudioBoo to record your voices. It is one of my favourite tools to use.

    I hope you raised lots of money to help the people in Africa who are affected by the drought.

    Prep K, you are wonderful the way you think of ways to help other people!

    Miss Y :)

  2. Dear Preps,
    The Middles are so impressed at all the wonderful actions you do. Your hair was really crazy!

    The Middles were also amazed at the feedbackk you gave them when they came to do their puppet plays.

    Thank you for all the great things you do at our school!!

    Mrs Yore and the Middles.

  3. Thank you for your comment Miss Y,
    The Social Justice team raised $400.00 for the poor people in Africa. They did a great job running a raffle and advertising Crazy Hair day.
    We will have to check the Library for 'Crazy Hair Day.' It sounds funny!
    Enjoy your holidays!
    From Prep K and Mrs Kennedy

  4. Mrs. England's kindergarteners think you all did a very good deed. That is a lot of money.
    The people in Africa will be able to get some food and clean water.
    Good job preps!

  5. Hi Preps
    I love your wacky hair because it looks crazy! I like that you raised money for poor people in Africa. Rohan

    You sounded cute on the Audio Boo! I like the boy that said C R A Z Y he had great expression. Ashira

    You used excellent expression and your voices were nice and clear. Joshua

    You look so funny with crazy hair. Mallika

    It was so interesting to listen to. Maia

    (I have been on a holiday in China so I have a lot of catching up to do on your blog. Maia)

    We had wacky hair day and we had lots of spiky hair in our class. Did you see our photos? Aum

  6. Hi preps K
    We love your funny hair and we had funny hair too.

  7. Aum, Ashira, Gina, TiffannySeptember 28, 2011 at 6:56 AM

    I really like the music on your SmileBox presentation.

  8. Hi preps
    We love your crazy hair because it is so funny. Kids with a view had a wacky hair day a long time ago. We had crazy hair too. Rohan had a cool hair the colour was red. Rohan liked the song on the slide show.

  9. Wow that was amazing did you make it by yourself or did you make it with your teacher?

  10. Thank you Mrs England and Kindergarteners!
    We try to help others when we can. Crazy Hair Day was a lot of fun for us and a chance to raise some money for the people of Africa.
    From Prep K

  11. Hi Room 3
    Thanks Rohan - we had lots of fun and helped others.
    Hi Ashira. Will P was the person who said CRAZY with lots of expression. If you listen very closely you can hear us all laughing in the background! Will did a great job.
    Thank you Joshua for your very positive feedback. You are very kind!
    Hello Mallika. Mrs Kennedy almost didn't recognise us with our crazy hair. She thought we looked AMAZING!
    Wow Maia we would love to hear about your holiday to China! Thank you for your comment.
    Mrs Kennedy has seen your Crazy Hair photos Aum. We will have a look at them when we come back from holidays.
    From Prep K

  12. Hello Dykie and Aryaan,
    We will look at your photos with crazy hair soon. Thank you for your comment. Why did you have Crazy Hair Day?
    From your friends Prep K

  13. Hi Aum, Ashira, Gina and Tiffany,
    Thank you - we really enjoyed the music on our Smilebox too. Mrs Kennedy let us choose our favourite.
    From Prep K

  14. Hi Jacey,
    Jake has red hair in our slideshow. He looked very cool too! Did you like the music on our slideshow? We are glad Rohan did.
    From Prep K

  15. Thank you for your comment Sienna and Krishant.
    Mrs Kennedy made the Smilebox and we made the audiboo. We had to practise what we wanted to say and use our own words.
    From Prep K

  16. Wow Prep K! I hardly recognised you with your Crazy Hair! It was a great way to finish Term Three and you should all be proud of the money you raised to help people the people of Africa who need our help.
    Well done Prep K
    Mrs Swann

  17. Hello Prep,

    I have taught in schools which have had crazy hair days. Like yours, those days have always been fun as we raise money for a charity.

    I enjoyed the Smilebox photo book of the crazy hair. They made me smile.

    Ross Mannell (teacher)
    NSW, Australia

  18. Hi Mrs kennedy
    I like your blog because it is cool and your blog has got a lot of things on your blog.How are your holidays going?

  19. I like crazy hair because they look funny.

  20. HI Mrs kennedy I like your class because they have
    computers. Computers are cool because you can play cool games like Mathletics and other learning games.

    Do you have Mathletics? I love it!

  21. I like the crazy hair because they look funny. Which hair was your favourite one?

  22. Hi Alvin,
    Thanks for your kind comments about our blog. I think your blog is very cool too.
    The holidays are going very well but the weather is terrible! So wet and cold.
    I suppose you are looking forward to your holidays. Will you be doing anything special?
    From Mrs Kennedy

  23. Hi Kairyn,
    The Preps love the computers too. If they have free time they all rush for the computers!
    Can you tell me about Mathletics?
    Thanks for visiting again.
    From Mrs Kennedy

  24. Hello Krishant,
    That is a very good question - it is very hard to pick one favourite. I think all the Prep's crazy hair looked so good.
    Which crazy hair did you like?
    Thank you for visiting,
    From Mrs Kennedy

  25. Hi Ross,
    Thanks for your comment.
    The Preps were so excited on Crazy Hair Day and I think that shines through in their photos. It is wonderful to be able to help others and have lots of fun at the same time.

  26. Hi Mrs Kennedy I like your blog because it has cool
    games and awesome games and you have coloured key boards on your computers they look cool too!
    Do you have Mathletics?

  27. Hi Prep K
    I had so much fun on crazy hair day!
    It was great!

    from (sienna)

  28. HiSienna
    Thank you for commenting - Crazy hair day was a great day. I thought your crazy hair was fabulous!
    I hope you are having a wonderful holiday,
    Love from Mrs Kennedy :)


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