Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Letterland Day!

Today we dressed up as our favourite Letterland characters. We also skyped our friends at Point View school in New Zealand and told them all about Letterland Day!


  1. Dear Prep K and Mrs Kennedy,

    We just watched you Letterland video and Aarav wants to know "Did you have fun dressing up?" Sienna says, "You had so many Clever Cats I do not know which one I like best!" Luke really liked the Red Robot in the box. Well done Prep K! Love your buddies Prep W and Miss Webster.

  2. Hello Miss Webster and Prep W,

    Yes Aarav we had a fun and fabulous day yesterday. (Vivienne)
    Mrs Kennedy thinks that all of Prep K are Clever Cats! You are right Sienna - the Clever Cats looked amazing.
    Luke, I was the one with the box on my body because I was Red Robot. My Dad made it for me and he painted it red. Thank you for your comment.(Andy)

    Enjoy the holidays Prep W and Miss Webster. We hope we can skype again next term.
    Love your friends Prep K and Mrs K.

  3. Hello Prep K I like clever cat (caoimhe)
    and I liked all of the other costumes and all the children spoke very clearly in the video!

  4. Hi guys
    We thought you looked awesome in your letterland characters! AND we thought it was a great idea to dress up as your favourite letter. Mrs Laburn thinks she will have a letterland day next year when she gets her new Year 1 class! Luke's red robot was popular with the boys in our class. The girls liked the golden girls! Everyone thought you did a great job dressing up! We are going to leave you a special message on our blog today... look for it after lunch before you go home.
    From your buddies in NZ

  5. You did an awesome job dressing up. -Alexis
    Thank you for showing us your letter movie! -Jaylyn
    That was a good video. -Seth
    I like the red robot. -Conner
    I like the Oscar Orange. -Bryson
    I like that one that was Clever Cat. -Elijah
    The video fun to watch. -Rileigh
    I like the music. -Mayra
    I like the cat. -Omar
    I like your costumes. -Neil

  6. Hello Caoimhe!
    Thank you for commenting. I think all the Preps did a great job dressing up as their favourite Letterland characters.
    Did you type this comment by yourself?
    From Mrs Kennedy :)

  7. Thank you Alexis, Seth, Jaylyn, Connor, Bryson, Elijah, Rileigh, Mayra, Omar and Neil for your comments and for visiting our blog. We had a wonderful day dressing up and celebrating learning how to read and write with our favourite letterland characters.

    From your friends Prep K

  8. Hi Room 3,
    Thank you for your comment. We loved Letterland Day. It was extra special because we were able to skype you and meet you face to face. We were very excited about your message - thank you so much! When we come back from holidays (and you are on holidays) we will have to send you a message back!
    From your friends Prep K


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