Saturday, September 10, 2011

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Our Inquiry this term has been Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. After watching a youtube video titled 'The Journey of the Plastic Bag' we were wondering how we could reduce the amount of bags going to landfill. We decided to make a mat out of plastic bags. We haven't finished our mat yet - so stayed tuned!
Here is how we did it.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle! on PhotoPeach

What do you do to reduce the amount of rubbish going to landfill?

Do you reuse or recycle old products to make new products?


  1. Hello to all of you!

    I'm a teacher in southern California and we do a lot of recycling here. We have a separate trash bin for everything recyclable and we fill it up almost every day. Do you recycle in your classroom?

    I look forward to seeing how your mats look! Keep up the blogging!

    Ms. Tatiana

  2. Dear Preps,
    We put all our vegie scraps into the compost bin. Now I am starting to weed my vegetable garden so I can put the compost into the soil.Then I will have more lovely vegetables. And I will recycle again!!! It's like going around in a circle!!!
    Mrs Yore

  3. Hi Preps and Mrs Kennedy

    At Point View School we are trying very hard to reduce rubbish around the school so we have become "Nude Food Dudes" which means that we leave all our wrappers, glad wrap, chip packets, muesli bar wrappers etc at home. Instead we put all our food into re-usable containers. This has become very successful. Now our rubbish bins are very empty!

    Check out this link to see photos our lunch boxes.

    From Room 3 and Mrs Laburn

  4. To the learning together bloggers,

    Were students at Leopold Primary School in Leopold,Victoria.

    That's a awesome idea making a mat out of plastic bags.How long did it take to plait all of those plastic bags?

    Can't wait to see what the mat turns out looking like!

    please check out our blog it is

    From the 6ml buddy crew-Jazz,Miki, Chelsea and Casey.

  5. Hi Prep K
    I try to do as much recycling as I can at home. I put paper, bottles, plastic containers, tins and cardboard boxes into my recycling bin. When I go shopping, I always take my green bags so I don't have to use any plastic bags. We don't have a compost bin but I do have a eco-bokashi bin that I put food and vegetable scraps in and mix with a special mixture. The mixture helps to break the scraps down. Then I can dig it into my garden to help my plants and flowers grow. Do you have any other suggestions for things I could do to reduce landfill?
    Mrs Swann

  6. Hello Ms. Tatiana
    Thank you for your comment.
    We have a recycling box for paper and a compost bucket for food scraps. We also have a scrap paper tub for paper we can reuse.

    From Mrs Kennedy and Prep K

  7. Hello Room 3
    We love the idea of being 'Nude Food Dudes'. We have Wrapper Free Day only on a Wednesday. We think we should talk to the Environment Team and ask them if we can be Nude Food Dudes EVERYday!
    Thank you for the idea.
    From your friends Prep K

  8. Hi From NZ
    Room 3 have prepared a Maori body parts song for you to watch. You are welcome to embed it onto your blog for others to see!
    We hope you like it.
    Please leave us some comments as the children would love to hear your feedback.
    Talk soon
    Room 3 and Mrs Laburn

  9. Dear Prep K and Mrs Kennedy,

    We liked your slideshow of how to reduce rubbish. Was it fun plaiting the plastic bags? We can't wait to see what your mat looks like?

    Love Prep W and Miss Webster


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