Sunday, September 25, 2011

Welcome to Prep!

This week Prep S and Prep K are the focus blogs in our Quadblogging adventure. We welcome all our friends from Stoke Bishop Primary School Bristol UK, Mrs England's Kindergarten, Kentucky USA and Point View School, Auckland New Zealand. We are so excited to have visitors from around the world. We have already shared and learnt so much from each other.
We have made this slideshow to show you our school and just some of the activities we do in Prep.


  1. I love that Slideshow - it is a wonderful picture of your learning, your school and your friends. I am so lucky to share it with you!

    Mrs C

  2. Hi guys
    That's a great slideshow! It really gives us a good view around your school. We also thought that your class mascots are soo cute. And their names are cute too!
    We liked that you have coloured keyboards to help you learn to type. We don't have those.
    We have over 800 children at our school maybe during our next full school assembly we will get a photo of all the children together to show you how big that is!!
    Your classroom is really colourful and has lots of interesting things up on the walls. AND the mosaic on the wall is awesome - it must have taken the children a long time to make it.
    We have decided to make a movie for you but the way it went today, well lets just say... it might just take a few more days!
    Room 3 were also wondering if you could put the words to the Gidday song that the children sang to us during our skype on your blog. Would that be ok?
    Hope you are getting great weather for your holidays.
    From Room 3 and Mrs Laburn

  3. Hello Room 3
    Thanks for visiting and your wonderful comment.
    800 students is so big! We would love to see a photo of your whole school.
    We can't wait to see your video!
    The weather has been warm and sunny so far and it is lovely to have a break.
    Mrs Kennedy will put the words for the Gidday song on our blog for you.
    Have a great day!
    From your friends Prep K

  4. hi preps k we like the wacky hair day music and we like your wacky hair day because you look funny we had wacky hair day too.

  5. Hi preps k
    I like the one with the black wig because I think it was a boy with long hair. Was it? What is the boy's name?
    I also liked the red wig.

  6. Hi Orlando and Anya,
    Thanks for your comment. Crazy Hair day was great fun and we also got to wear casual clothes too. It was a very colourful day!
    Have a great day.
    From Prep K.

  7. Hi Bradie and Neeve,
    Yes it was a boy, it was Matthew in the black wig. He looked great didn't he? Sienna had the bright red wig on. You ask good questions.
    Thanks for visiting.
    From Prep K

  8. I like your wombats because they are cute.Can you tell me more about wombats?

  9. Hi Joshua and Orlando,
    When the Preps come back from holidays they will tell you all about wombats.
    I can tell you that last term Wattle and Wally travelled to New Zealand to stay with our friends at Papatoetoe East Primary School. They loved New Zealand. Maybe they can visit you one day.
    From Mrs Kennedy

  10. Hi Joshua and Orlando,
    wombats are creatures that dig burrows to keep their babies in.
    From Caoimhe and Eva

  11. Hi Room 3
    A wombat is an animal that eats leaves and plants.
    From Molly

  12. Hi Room 3
    Our school concert is a week away. The preps are wearing Toy Story costumes and we are singing Toy Story songs. I feel awesome about the concert.
    From Matthew


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