Thursday, September 29, 2011

Our Action - Reuse and Reduce!

This term our Inquiry Learning has been about reusing products and recycling to reduce landfill. Prep S and Prep K discovered a problem at our school - we use too much paper. So we worked through a Problem Solving Strategy to decide what we could do to change the way we use paper at St. Luke's. After much discussion and considering the pros and cons of all ideas, the Preps decided to make a video about how we can stop using too much paper. Together we wrote a script - practised our lines and made props to make our video.
We want all our classes to put this video on their blogs to share this very important message.

Taking Action that Matters!

What will you do today to stop using so much paper?


  1. Preps that is SO inspiring!! I want to get my friends at work to watch this and recyle in our office better than we have been. Thanks Preps!

  2. Wow, you have some good ideas for saving paper. We reuse our old paper for drawing pictures on and writing letters to each other.
    Miss Mac

  3. Great ideas Preps!! I try and use my paper on both sides, and always print drafts on old paper. I have a box at home for paper used on one side. I also cut up used paper into smaller pieces to write my shopping list on, or things i have to remember to do!
    Have a great day
    Mrs Bellesini

  4. Hi mrs Mrs Kennedy I hope you have a nice holiday . Do you like your art work? What are you learning about? From Anya .

  5. Hi Preps! Thank you for emailing us to let us know about your blog - it's truly inspirational stuff. We try our best to save paper in the BrainPOP office by printing on scrap paper whenever possible. We also recycle pretty much everything.

    Keep up the good work guys!

    Tim & Moby from BrainPOP UK

  6. Preps l am trying to follow your suggestions and watch the paper l am using at school!! I am using more scrap paper and thinking about how much photocopying l do. Thank you for your ideas and making me think about how l can reduce and recycle.
    Look how far your message is getting - even BrainPOP know about your ideas!!!

  7. Hi Prep K
    What a beautifully presented presentation!
    It was clear that you had rehearsed your lines well and practised beforehand. You all spoke so clearly and looked at the camera without fidgeting. It was awesome to watch and listen to! Great job on the problem strategies too!

    And what a strong message you are sharing with the world.

    We do have a scrap paper tray in our classroom and we have a paper recycling bin but I think we could try a lot harder to use less paper so that less paper goes in that bin!

    I also see that you got a wonderful mention from BrainPOP on their Facebook page - well done!

    We have embed your video on our blog - lets hope lots of people watch it!

    From Mrs Laburn

  8. Hello preps
    I loved your movie.
    Did you like makeing the movie?


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