Friday, September 30, 2011

Just look at this!

Our Quadblogging friends from Point View School in New Zealand made a video of their school - all by themselves! They explain below how they did it.

Room 3 decided to make a video for our Quadblogging friends.
It is a wonderful tour around our school.
We used the ipods to video each other.

We had to make sure we didn't put our finger over the view finder and
we had to make sure we kept the ipod as still as we could and
we had to make sure when we filmed moving around that we didn't
move the ipod too fast.
We also had to think carefully about what we would say to make it interesting
for others to listen to.

What do you think about our first video made by us?

Amazing! Fantastic work Room 3.


  1. Mrs Molly and WillOctober 1, 2011 at 10:59 AM

    Molly says "Hello, we liked your movie and your school very much. You have lots more kids than we do at St Luke's!"
    Will says "I liked the way you all spoke clearly and smoothly. We've practiced that too!"
    Mrs Molly and Will says "I like that you are "Learning Together" too! All across the world we are all learning"

  2. Hi Mrs Molly and Will,
    Thanks so much for commenting. I think Room 3 have done a spectacular job on their video. Learning together is so wonderful!
    I hope you are enjoying the holidays,
    From Mrs Kennedy :)

  3. Hi Mrs Kennedy and Preps K

    Here is my story.

    On Thursday we went on the bus then we arrived at the Martime Museum. We had our morning tea when we had finished we went on the new bridge. Then we went to see Sally Sea Breeze. She was nice because she took us to the ticket room. Then she gave us a stamp on our hand. Then on the ship we go! Then we went to the really smelly cabin then we went to see a movie about the stars called the southern cross and people visiting New Zealand. After that we went on a ferry boat to Devonport. We had our lunch and we had a look around the museum. I was very because I had a nice day.
    From Orlando

  4. Hi Orlando,
    That was a fabulous recount of your excursion. What a very busy day you must have had.
    Why was the cabin smelly?
    Thank you for sharing your story.
    From your friends Prep K and Mrs Kennedy

  5. Wow Room 3, what a fantastic video you have made. I like the way you all spoke so clearly, it was very easy to hear you. Your classroom looks so interesting.

  6. Dear students from Australia and New Zealand,

    It is wonderful to see you all learning together, sharing your stories,filming your wonderful schools and showing us how much you have learnt so far!

    Mrs Yore in Australia

  7. Mallika and TiffanyOctober 6, 2011 at 11:31 AM

    HI I am from kids with a view
    what are you learning about? We are learning about
    kiwis. We like your blog because it's cool. We hope
    you had a nice holiday Mrs Kennedy.
    from Mallika and Tiffanny.

  8. What a fantastic snapshot of your school!! We can tell how proud you are of your school and learning room 3!! It is interesting fior all of us to tour your school with you so we can see the similarities and differences!
    Congratulations on your movie - you certainly gave us good ideas for how to make our own movies too,


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