Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A carrot for breakfast!

Today Ruby had a carrot and her babies wanted to share with her! Take a look!

Preps - talk to your family about the kittens and Ruby. Tell them about how you felt when the kittens were out of the hutch and hopping around. What did they feel like? What did you need to remember when the kittens came close to you? Make a comment on our blog with your family.

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  1. Hi Prep K, Ruby and her baby kittens are so big now. We can't believe how much they have grown - maybe they are eating some of your brain food. They look so soft and warm and cuddly. How do they feel to you? Have you thought of any names for them yet? You are looking after them so nicely. Love Susan, Darren, Hannah and Jacob B

  2. Hi!
    I loved watching Ruby and the kittens sharing the carrot. I was surprised that I could hear their teeth chewing the carrot! Can you hear them while you are learning in your class?
    From Anna
    Room 4
    Hamilton East School

  3. Hi!
    We liked watching your video. We think the kittens are cute. We would quite like to have in rabbits in our classroom.
    Kayden has a rabbit at his house. It is called Bubbles and it is black and white.
    Thank you for sharing.
    From Room 4
    Hamilton East School


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