Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Our chickens have arrived!

Today when we arrived at school, our chickens were waiting for us. Three eggs had hatched overnight so we had six chickens in the playpen (we had three in the playpen who were already newly hatched). There are nine eggs left in the incubator.

We noticed that the chickens make a lot more noise than our rabbits did! We like the chirping sound they make!


  1. Fieldhead Carr Primary, Leeds, England
    Alex: What colours are the chicks feathers?

    Issy: They are cute!!! I bet they feel lovely and fluffY!!

    Jacob H: What are the baby chicks names?

    Jake: When did the chicks come out of the eggs?

    All of us: what do the chicks eat?

    Emily: What do they live in?

    Freddie: The chicks look cute!

    Edward: I like the chick! Because they are yellow and they are cute.

  2. Dear Prep K
    We love how you are so gentle and caring towards the chickens.
    We would like to know...
    What colour are their feet? Mikayla
    What coverings do your chickens have? Ryan
    What colour feathers do they have? Amelia
    What kind of food do they eat?
    Do the baby chicks eat the same as grown up chickens? Miss. T
    How do they survive?
    How sharp are their feet?
    See you soon
    Prep T

  3. Hi everyone!

    Thank you for your questions.

    Alex - our chickens are yellow so far but Tom thinks we might get some black chickens.

    Hi Issy - the chickens are very fluffy and warm. I felt excited when I was holding the chicken. (Aly)

    Hello Jacob - we haven't named our chickens yet.

    Hi Jake - we have 12 eggs and each day one or two should hatch. So far 3 have hatched and we can see a crack in an egg so we hope today we will have another new chick.

    The chickens eat a special grain for chickens.

    Our chicks live in a playpen Emily. They have a lamp to keep them warm, food and water.

    Hi Edward and Freddie. We love the chicks because they are so fluffy and warm.

    Have a great day - from Prep K :)

  4. Hello Prep T!
    Thank you for sending us the turtle scales - they were very interesting!
    Thanks for your questions - here are the answers.

    Hi Mikayla - the chickens feet are a pinky colour.

    Ryan our chickens are covered in downy feathers (tiny fluffy feathers).

    The chickens survive because we give them food, water, warmth, protection and shelter. We also give them love and care.

    Hi Amelia - the chickens have yellow feathers and today we had some hatch with black feathers.

    Their feet are a bit sharp - but not as sharp as our bunnies claws.

    The baby chicks eat a special grain and drink water.

    Thanks for visiting,

    From Prep K :)

  5. Hi Prep K,

    I hope all your chicken eggs hatch soon.

    Are they nice and warm and cuddly and soft?

    From Freya
    St Aloysius


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