Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Very Special Day!

Today we were very lucky to have a visit from Harry O'Brien from the Collingwood football club. For our Quadblogging friends we play Australian rules football in Australia. Collingwood is one of the TOP teams in the AFL (and Mrs Kennedy's favourite team). 

Harry is an ambassador for UNICEF and works to help children all over the world. He came to our school to help us think about those children in the world who do not have basic rights such as the right to an education, fresh water and food. Harry helped us to understand that we can do and be whatever we want to be if we work and try hard. 

Thank you for visiting us today Harry and sharing your message!

Harry and the Preps!

Harry read a story about the importance of education for everyone!


  1. The kids are very lucky to have been visited by such an inspirational man!Shame about the team he plays for though.....he'd look better in cats colours! Barb M

  2. Hi Prep K,

    This is Max B from St Aloysius.

    We would like to have a football player here. We would like to play football with him.

    from Max

  3. Hi Prep K,

    Miss P would like a Richmond footballer to come to school. She thinks they are better looking than Collingwood players.

    Did Harry bring a football with him? Did he teach you how to kick a football.

    Our teacher is going to East Timor. It is a poor country. She is going to work with some of the children there.

    From Luella and Luca
    St Aloysius

  4. Hi Luella and Luca

    Mrs Kennedy thinks that Collingwood players are MUCH better looking than Richmond players! :)

    Harry didn't bring a footy. He really came to tell us about his work with UNICEF. He couldn't stay to play because he had to visit another school. Mrs Kennedy was very lucky to have a photo with Harry though!

    We think it is wonderful that Miss P is going to help the children in East Timor. What will she be doing to help the children?

    Have a happy day - from Prep K

  5. Hello preps I loved watching the chickens hatch. It was very exciting because I have never seen a chicken hatch before.

    From Hannah A


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