Friday, May 11, 2012

Curious Kittens!

At only two weeks of age one of our rascally rabbits was off and running (or hopping?)! We needed to clean out the hutch so we put Ruby and the kittens into a pen. One of the kittens climbed out of the nest and went for a big explore! He even squeezed through the pen and hopped around the classroom for a little while.

There was great excitement as little Houdini was hopping and exploring.

What do you think would be  a good name for our curious kitten?


  1. Yay, Houdini!

    One of your rabbits had to be the first and it looks like this little guy is the one. He seems to have an adventurous spirit that knows no fear as he hopped around the classroom. :)

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

  2. Hello,I am a teaching assistant in FS2 Quadblogging Friends,it was lovely to see one of your baby rabbits making the great escape. Do you think he'll tell the others there's a big world outside their cage?

  3. What a cheeky bunny.
    We think his name should be Squeezy because he was able to squeeze through the bars to escape.
    Hannah, Siobhon and Kirsty A

  4. Dear Hannah, Siobhon and Kirsty,

    I think Squeezy is the perfect name for our little cheeky bunny! It makes me smile.

    From Mrs Kennedy :)

  5. It is great to see how quickly the young kittens grow and change.
    Our rabbit at home is nearly 9 years old. She is slowing down now so she doesn't hop very fast at all. Our rabbit, Spot, has just lost her summer coat of fur, so her malting fur is all over the cage. Now she will grow a new thicker fur coat to keep her warm in the winter.
    Enjoy your energetic little kittens!
    Mrs Verona Gridley

  6. Hmm, names for your baby bunnies?? Let me think...what about, "IKnowHowToScareMyMummy" (because of the one who escaped). Or maybe just Harry, after one of the world's greatest escape artists.

    I look forward to popping in and seeing more bunny action.

    Ms Scott

    p.s. can you skype Middle S again? How did your Skype session go the other day?

  7. What a cheeky bunny! You had better watch the computer charger cords, we had to replace ours after a curious bunny chewed through it. It is great to see how quickly the kittens are growing. Barb and Tom P


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