Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The kittens are growing!

We are amazed at how fast the baby rabbits (kittens) are growing. They have more fur, they are bigger in size and they are more active in the nest. Very soon they will be out and about.

We discovered today that we have 7 kittens (not 6)!! One must have been hiding!! Seven little babies to care for.

The fluff in the nest is from Ruby.

Before she gives birth, the mum pulls her fur out to create a warm and cosy nest.

A perfect paw!

So warm and cosy.

How many babies can you count?

We put Ruby in a pen to have some exercise - she loved tearing up the newspaper!

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  1. Hello Preps,

    This is so exciting. Baby rabbits most certainly do grow quickly when they're well looked after. Soon they'll big big enough to cuddle and be harder to catch as they can hop around more quickly.

    In the video, Ruby seems to like the attention but even more she seems to like the newspaper. Rabbits certainly do like to chew things.

    Thank you for sharing the photos of Ruby's kittens. They made me smile. :)

    Teacher, NSW, Australia


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