Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Our Visit to the RSPCA!

Today Prep D and Prep K visited the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). We learnt so much about caring for animals and the important work the RSPCA does. 

We learnt a song about the five things animals need to grow and be happy:

Food and water, friends and shelter. Exercise, exercise. 
Vets give information and the vaccination, 
Now you try - learn the five!

Our Discoveries:

Cows eat hay and we patted Jenny the cow. She was soft. Ben

Even big animals like cows and horses can be helped at the RSPCA. Mia

Cows give us milk and we can make butter from the milk. Matthew

The RSPCA helps small animals and then tries to find  new owners (for the animals). Nicholas

Even big animals can get scared so when we are loud they can get scared. Aly

We saw a rabbit with red eyes and it looked strange. Rabbits have different coloured eyes just like us. Zachary

Jenny the cow had a moo ball to play with. Animals need toys so they can play. Bethany

I learnt that Jenny the cow only has bottom teeth so then she wont bite us. Annie

Billy the goat ate the food in our hands. He was crazy! Hamish

Billy the goat licked me when he was eating - it was tickly. Hannah B

I learnt that Vets care for lots of animals. Vets help animals who are sick. Tom


  1. Hi Prep K,
    What an amazing trip to the RSPCA yesterday. I hope you learnt as much as I did - like, cows have only bottom teeth and that rabbits eat Mc Donalds - only kidding!!! Thank you for letting me come on your first excursion. Susan B.

  2. The RSPCA do so much to protect and look after animals you were so lucky to visit.
    I've been singing your Animal song all Night!
    Kirsty A

  3. FS2...Fieldhead Carr Primary School, Leeds England

    Edward: I liked the video because you were singing so beautifully.

    Ellen: We have all just had a go at singing your song with you.

    Kayne: I liked your actions for your song!

  4. Hello Edward, Ellen and Kayne,

    We liked your comment. Thank you for saying that we were singing nicely.

    We saw cute guinea pigs at the RSPCA.

    We learnt that the goat was very hungry.

    From Annie and Nicholas
    Prep K

  5. Looks like a fun visit. Ben leart lots of things the RSPCA do for animals


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