Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Our Kittens are growing and changing!

Yesterday we let the kittens out of the hutch for a little play. We are amazed at how quickly our baby rabbits are growing.
They were very adventurous and one or two tried to escape!
We were very gentle and quiet when the bunnies were hopping around.
They liked to nibble at some of the Prep's runners!
The kittens are so amazing to watch.

The kittens were sniffing and exploring
Hop, hop, hop!

One of our kittens made a new friend!

Gentle - warm and cosy!


  1. Hi Prep K
    It is lovely to see your photos! The kittens are very active and look so happy to be exploring your classroom.
    Have a great day
    From Maria (Nicholas' Mummy) xx

  2. Hi Prep K,

    We can't believe how much the kittens have grown! They don't really look like babies anymore.

    Do they feel soft and cuddly?

    Tess thinks they look really cute.

    Sunny has a bunny at home - its name is Tibbles.

    Daniel hopes they are going to be cuddly.

    Freya loves bunnies because they are very soft and they feel nice.

    From Preps and Miss P

  3. The bunny looked so snug in Ben's lap! Wow how quickly they grew! Barb M


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