Thursday, May 24, 2012

Look at our kittens now!

We have done a great job looking after our rabbits. They are happy and healthy! We have loved having the rabbits and watching them grow and change. We have treated them gentleness and kindness.


  1. Hello Prep K - I think the kittens are going to miss all the Preps at St Luke's and your comfortable classroom! You've looked after them so well, you should all be very proud of yourselves. They are very lucky rabbits!
    From Jo A

  2. Hi Prep K, You have been amazing carers for your little kittens. They are so grown up now and ready for their new homes. I can't wait to see the baby chickens - I wonder if they will grow as quickly as the kittens have? Will the chickens feel as soft as the kittens I wonder? Looking forward to seeing them. Love Susan B

  3. Wow the kittens are so cute, fluffy and inquisitive! They wanted to come and say hello and sniff everyone. I bet you will miss having them around and they will miss your smiling faces too! But.. I guess your teachers will have lots of interesting things coming up for you to learn about.
    Keep learning Mrs Bellesini :)

  4. I can't believe how much the baby bunnies (kittens) have grown in the last 2 weeks. They were like little furry slugs when I first saw them and now they look like proper rabbits.
    Can you tell me or Middle S some of the interesting things you have noticed about the rabbits?

    You can skype us if you feel like it.


    Ms Scott

  5. Wow how exciting! I can't believe how fast they have grown! They look very friendly.

  6. Hello Prep K,

    We love your rabbits! They are so cute. How many rabbits do you have? Do they have names?

    From Prep Delicious

  7. Hello Prep Delicious,

    Thank you for visiting our blog.

    We had 7 kittens and Ruby was the mum. The rabbits have gone back to their farm now. We only had them for 4 weeks so that we could watch them grow and change.

    We only named one of the rabbits Escapee because he always tried to escape when we took him out of the hutch. The others were so alike we had trouble telling them apart.

    We watched your video and saw you dancing! We thought you were awesome! What will your concert be about?

    From Prep K and Mrs Kennedy


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