Thursday, May 10, 2012


Today we were very lucky to make some new friends through Skype. We had visited their blog Perfect Preps and saw they had some pet turtles in their classroom. We are learning about what living things need to grow and change so we thought of some questions to ask Prep T about caring for their turtles.
Prep T then thought about our questions and prepared their answers. We learnt all about caring for turtles.

Thank you Miss Tonelli and Prep T for sharing with us!

I learnt that the turtles didn't stay in the tank all day. Annie

I learnt that turtle shells are made from scales. Nicholas

I discovered that  turtles like to sun bake. Hannah A

I learnt that the turtles need love and care. Zachary

I discovered that the turtles scales came off  the shell because it was growing. Hamish

I discovered that the turtles need to sleep when all the Preps are at home so that they have some quiet time. Ben

I discovered that turtles don't need to be in water all the time. Kobe

I learnt turtles eat frozen food. Mia

I discovered that we don't know if our rabbits are boys or girls and Prep T don't know if their turtles are boys or girls. Bethany

I discovered that turtles lay eggs. Matthew

I discovered that turtles eat fresh fish. Tom

Everyday we feed our rabbits and Prep T feed their turtles everyday. Hannah B

I discovered that Prep T clean the turtles tank with a filter. Aly

We were also able to share our discoveries about our rabbits. 

We love skyping our friends!

Here is one of Prep T's turtles
We showed Prep T our baby rabbits

We had to listen carefully and speak clearly


  1. I love Skype! It is such a great way to talk to friends. I also like how you can connect with other classes too. I love how you used Skype to help you with your learning. It is so cool that your friends in Prep T could share their knowledge about turtles with you. Fabulous learning!
    From Anna
    Room 4
    Hamilton East School

  2. Hi Preps,

    It was great skyping with you yesterday. I am glad that Prep T could help you learn about turtles. I loved seeing your rabbits, especially the babies!

    From Miss Gale
    Holy Family School


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